Fist Me Good

I've decided that I have recently leveled up in Indy and needed to reward myself with a tumblr

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Anonymous asked: i love you babe From your boyfie mat cook nice

No this says anonymous

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whatifdreamswerereality asked: Take a look through my blog, Tonnes of tits and ass

Already checked it out and stole some of the cunts you blog it from ^_^ fuck yes

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bailoreo-deactivated20130920 asked: It's your faggot friend bailey :)

Oh yippee ^_^

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bailoreo-deactivated20130920 asked: Let me inside you ;)

How did you manage to fit your keyboard in there.

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Anonymous asked: Of all the members in EV, which one do you want inside of you the most? (you can't say all)

I’m going to answer purely based on which one I think would have the cleanest ass hole to be in..

Toby: appears as if he doesn’t shower
Grady: his farts smell like off fruit and he’s always really sweaty from drumming
Cody: plays soccer so I assume he’d actually be down with it so that’s disturbing
And finally Ryan: I would love to take advantage of him

So Ryan ;D

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tumblrsuxcoxndix asked: this is heaps good mate keep posting show us wat u got bb

yeah cheers cunt. I’ll show you my sphincter.